Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pedal Pusher

Ain't she a beauty? Who would have thought, that one day I would become a biker chick?! But really, with a ride as sweet as this little lady, I can't help it!! My wonderful husband had finally convinced me about a month ago that getting a bike would be a worthwhile investment for us. He gets some pretty awesome deals at the bike shop where he spends his afternoons, and it will help me (hopefully) get into better shape. Plus, I had been feeling a little guilty that whenever someone would ask us what our hobbies were, I would reply with, "Each other". Plus Christian SO loves to bike, and I SO love him. The process of picking out this darling was a long and drawn out one, but well worth it. This was the first set of wheels I tried, and became attached. Of course, I picked out the one that is POUT OF STOCK until July. Wonderful Husband then tried to sell me on a few others, but I loved the seat on this one, and wasn't about to budge. Girls gotta protect her assets. :)
Given my track record, I can see how people might be a little skeptical of my biking abilities. I mean, I'm a shopping, sit-on-my-heinie-and-watch-the-world-go-by kind of gal. My own mother even said, "Do you enjoy to bike?" when I told her. I'll have you, the blogging world, know that I have been out there EVERY DAY since I got the thing. I even used it last night to go run errands. And I didn't even have to walk the bike up hills. I'm a regular cruiser.


Nina Olson said...

Ok i added a line just for you. You need to come to the blessing!!