Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Surprise!!! I'm writing another post! This never happens! Usually Lisa would be egging me to post something sophisticated and delightful. But this time, she doesn't know I'm about to post something. It probably won't be sophisticated, but it definitley is delightful.
I hate to admit it, but I have become very keen on blogging. I'm always checking our friends blogs and hoping that someone will post something new for me to read. I have to read something new or I go crazy!
So the real reason that I am typing right now is because I remembered that just a few days ago it was the one year mark of the week I made Lisa mad and then a few days later I proposed to her. I can't believe it has been a year! It seems like just a few months ago that she got mad at me for not calling her for almost a week. But really it was all in my plan to surprise her a few days later with the most careful and thought out proposal ever! I did pretty good. Even if I do say so myself.
So happy one-year-since-I-made-you-mad-then-proposed Lisa!!! You are my lovely dinosaur!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Living Hardcore

Greetings from outerspace. Also known as, Logan. The shock of small town life is slowly wearing off, and I may just be able to enjoy myself here a little bit. But before life got too difficult, I gave myself permission to abandon my husband for a week and vacation in paradise. Also known as Southern California. The above picture is Knotts Berry Farm. Who knew their theme was Peanuts? I insisted that we all get pictures with Snoopy, much to my mothers dismay. So there is the whole gang, with me being the bright red lobster on the left. I am determined to be the only person in Logan with a REAL tan in October. Mission: Accomplished. Well, at least in a week or so when all the peeling dies down.
Then there was the glorious beach. This is out of order a bit, the beach was the day I roasted myself. Notice the lack of sunscreen, and the happy face. Two nececities of a day at the beach.

In fact, this is totally out of order. This was the first day. Please excuse my dorky facial expression. I had a lot on my mind. Think evil forces here.

Well, even after all this fun, it was nice to get back to Christian. A week is really a long time to be apart, esp when you have been married for less than a year. Or maybe I can no longer handle life on my own. Either way, it's back to the daily grind of sleep, work, and Christian.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Your not hardcore, unless you live hardcore

Hello! This is Christian, writing a much anticipated blog post I'm sure. Usually you only get to read posts from my partner, the lovely Lisa. Her posts are very fun and mesmerizing to read. She approached me recently, with a look on her face that said,"I mean business buster!" She proceeded to inform me that our fans will not get to hear from her again until I post something exciting of my own. Which we all know is very hard to do since Lisa, the lovely, has raised the bar for others, like myself, to create something as mind grabbing as her posts. So in a desperate plea to get Lisa, the lovely, to come back and fill us with her splendor of words, I'm writing this post to the best of my ability.

Instead of writing something thought provoking, I thought I would update everyone on the happenings of my life. Hopefully you won't stop reading here. As you know, Lisa and I are living in Grand Central, or my Grandma's Niederhausers house. Its amazing how many people enter this house everyday. Everyone wants to be around my Grandma! I don't blame them or anything, I was thrilled to death when she invited us to stay with her. People come by to chat with her, to eat her orange rolls, to buy one of her latest fabric creations, and people even come by just because they want to say they have been in her house! I apparently live at the hippest place in town.

But it has really been super fun living with Grandma N. Lisa and I both enjoy doing things with her. So far me and Grandma N are tied for 1st in our routine Sunday night games. Lisa says she is not bitter about not winning yet, but I know her better than that. From Garage sales to fixing shed doors, we have done quite a bit with Grandma N during the past few weeks.

Some good news is that Lisa finally got a job! We are both very excited about that. She interviewed for the job about two weeks ago and felt really good about it. So far she has been enjoying it and is doing really well.

As for myself, I'm working at the coolest bike shop in town! The highlight so far has been washing the windows out front. I'm sure one of these days I will get to put together some really cool bikes. Until then, I will just keep on riding my bike to work and doing whatever I'm asked to do. When I'm not working, I'm usually seen cruising around campus on my Grandpa's old GT Cruiser. Its such a natural high to be here in Logan with Lisa, going to school at a old small town college, and riding my bike everywhere I go. And not only that, but I really am enjoying school up here. I'm so motivated to study and work hard. I get excited every morning as I cruise through campus and see the hundreds of minds walking and riding their bikes to class. Its like you can feel intelligence and knowledge floating in the air. Its one of the most amazing feelings to me. I hope it never dies off.

So this is life as I know it: Living LARGE, Loving Lisa, and Learning Lots.