Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Fococcia Bread,

You ruined my resolution to eat healthy today. I was really going to do it today, too. I Went to the store, bought healthy things, did so great this AM. I was all grapes and hydration. I brought steamed broccoli for lunch. Enter the office catering. Darn you, free fococcia bread. Darn you to heck. (I know, I'm such a rebel with my cursing and such).

In other news, the countdown to My Happiest Place On Earth is growing smaller. One week from tomorrow!!! EEEeeEEE! And, all you avid readers, (Hi Mom!) there is going to be an Alexander McQueen exhibit at the MET while we are there (I just had to change I to we. Still adjusting to married life, I see). Oh, and there is the ever expanding list of things I HAVE to buy while I'm (WE) out there. Maybe I'm taking an extra empty suitcase out there with me, for the sole purpose of bringing it back full. :) Expect full facebook play by plays.

I feel like this entire blog post is a waste, due to my lack of pictures. In my defense, the camera on my phone is lame. Apparently I don't have enough memory for pictures on my phone. Whatev. Is anyone still reading this? Oh, comments... please be there when I check back for you. Really, this is my only highlight until next week. Christian has been studying all week. I saw him yesterday for 45 min... that included driving time. Oh, finals. We have a love/hate relationship.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This Guy:

Things come at you, you don't expect them to. In a perfect world, all would be well, no curve balls, no raining on parades, you get the image. We have our plan, and OUR plan works out. Nevermind His plan. But we are in this life to learn, to grow, to better ourselves and the ones around us. To be good people, and to love the life that we are blessed to live. I am loving the peace that has been in my soul the past few days knowing that I am His daughter, that He loves me, and will give me no burdens that I am not equipped to bear (no matter how it may feel at the time). How fantastic, to have someone who knows you THAT well? I am blessed to know that things will work out as they are meant to, we are just along for the journey. How fantastic! I am loving Him today, and feeling especially grateful for Him.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Happenings

Christian and I have become American Idol fanatics. Something about Jenny from the Block mixing with Steven Tyler makes my heart beat just a little faster. Our favorite? This guy...

Seeing as America disagreed with me this week, and the stud of a mad above was kicked off, I'm not sure if we will be watching this week. Paul had all the p-zazz. Well, and Scotty. But he holds the mike like a chicken wing, and I'm not diggin that.

In other news, the countdown to MY Happiest Place on Earth has begun. I hate Disneyland, so don't fool yourselves... we are going to Maryland to visit my family out there! I am so darn excited. We are spending some time with them, and then Christian and I are going to have a little adventure of our own in the Big Apple. We don't have a whole lot planned to do out there as of right now, so any suggestions would be fab.

My no spending policy kind of went out the window... I nabbed these bad boys.

BUT... my justification is... they are FOR my east coast trip! i needed some good walking shoes, what with all of the walking we will be doing!

Also, I bought these:

for $9.99. Yep. Only $200 LESS that what they retail for. I couldn't say no. Thank you, Savers.

So that has been my life lately. America Idol heartbreaks, online shopping, working, and watching Christian study. Wow. The fun just never stops.

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Treasure is Your Treasure

Once a year comes with a minor panic attach from choosing the BEST, most WONDERFUL Mothers Day gift for the BEST most WONDERFUL Mother. Some years, she makes it really nice, and sends my brother and I a link saying "This is what I want. Buy this, and I will be happy." Makes for a really easy gift, but the lack of surprise kills me. I LOVE getting a great gift, that I had NO idea what it was. And, my mom and I are a lot a like.

Anyhow... I found it. This year, I found the PERFECT gift for. NO, I am not going to post it on here (yet) because I know Mommie Dearest stalks my blog, and it would ruin the whole surprise. I just want to do some totally shameless marketing for Christian's most awesome Aunt. She made said "gift". And I don't even think I am doing it justice by saying it is "cute". It is DARLING. Anyways, in case there is anyone looking for the perfect gift for their perfect Mom... look no further.

Her name is Teri, and her email is Or you can comment, and I will send you a picture of the gift (unless you're my Mom) and you will see how great it is.

Plus, she is a super fun gal. And I love her. And so will you. :)

Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

This is me. The writer of this blog. A lover of all things sunflower-y, summer-y, and lovely. I have been on a no spending money kick, mostly by necessity, as we are going to be going to the East Coast next month, and it would be nice to have a bit of dough to throw away while I'm over there. Hence the exasperated smirk on my round little face. I've made it since Saturday. I can do it!

(please forgive my messy hair. Like clockwork, it seems to drive me nuts at 3pm every day. OH, and the cute little red zit on my chest? Don't be too jealous of my hottness.)

This is W. Christian. He's really excited in this Lyle Lovett-esque picture. He was going in to get Lasik! This is his look of concern. I'll show you why...

Yep, this was the door to enter to get the Lasik done. I saw the door, and started hysterically laughing. I mean, REALLY? I think after you sign your life (or just vision) away with the 30+ pages of "BEWARE" and "It's Not Our Fault If...", you kind-of GET that the whole procedure is dangerous. Hilarious.

This is how the handsome guy sleeps every night now. He has to wear his bug goggles! Apparently, some people are aggressive sleepers, and tend to try to scratch out their eyeballs sub-consciously. I don't really think W. Christian fits the bill, but what do I know. Although, last night, he took them off, threw them on the ground, and laid back down without even realizing it. He woke up totally confused about why they were off. :)

Anyhow, that, along with some rain, sleet, and snow, has been our week. I've been glad you have you along on this re-cap, cyber-world.

Till next time...

Oh, p.s... I tried on the Old Navy jeans while W. Christian was signing his life away at the Lasik center, and they did NOT live up to the hype. Which helped my no shopping pledge. :)