Thursday, September 18, 2008

Living Hardcore

Greetings from outerspace. Also known as, Logan. The shock of small town life is slowly wearing off, and I may just be able to enjoy myself here a little bit. But before life got too difficult, I gave myself permission to abandon my husband for a week and vacation in paradise. Also known as Southern California. The above picture is Knotts Berry Farm. Who knew their theme was Peanuts? I insisted that we all get pictures with Snoopy, much to my mothers dismay. So there is the whole gang, with me being the bright red lobster on the left. I am determined to be the only person in Logan with a REAL tan in October. Mission: Accomplished. Well, at least in a week or so when all the peeling dies down.
Then there was the glorious beach. This is out of order a bit, the beach was the day I roasted myself. Notice the lack of sunscreen, and the happy face. Two nececities of a day at the beach.

In fact, this is totally out of order. This was the first day. Please excuse my dorky facial expression. I had a lot on my mind. Think evil forces here.

Well, even after all this fun, it was nice to get back to Christian. A week is really a long time to be apart, esp when you have been married for less than a year. Or maybe I can no longer handle life on my own. Either way, it's back to the daily grind of sleep, work, and Christian.