Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I know, I know... we have been totally MIA. And, I'll just start with, no, no pictures today. I am currently freezing my butt off in the library so I can effectively communicate with all of you blog-watchers out there (so I may be talking to myself.. no matter). Anyways, Update #1: we moved out of Grandma's basement, and into a cozy little apartment. (no Internet currently)Update #2: We have been out of town A LOT lately, and are glad to be home a little now. Update #3 I met Noah Mavy. For real, in the flesh. Ahh... to live in CA. Update #4: I love Christan, A LOT. guess that's not an update...
We have pictures to document all of these updates, and pictures of The Nephew horseback at a rodeo, and all of them need to get on the blog. I am aware, and am formulating a plan. For now, just love us and our simple, Internet-free lives. :)


Hannah Schott said...

we do love you....have fun with mom!!!