Friday, December 28, 2012


December came quickly and is going out with a fury. And, I'm not ungrateful for the speed in which it's passing. To be honest, 2012 hasn't been all sunshine and flowers for us- along with our victories have come sadness and heartbreak. At the beginning of this month, Christian was in full finals swing- which means I was counting down the minutes days until normal life would resume. Homeboy wrapped up his semester with excellent grades, glowing feedback, and a nice long nap. Fast forward a few days, and I (solo) travelled to CA to be at my cousins wedding. In the midst of all of that, my Grandma passed away, which came with a variety of emotion. Just in time to process those over the holidays.

These kids rock. Lets time travel again for a few days- back to UT for a mere 48 hours, and then hopped on a plane again- this time with some devilishly handsome extra cargo. We were able to be in CA for the holiday, giving me ample opportunity to spoil a certain niece and naphew as rotten as I possibly could. And to make sure they have enough skills to recite "Aunt Lisa is my favorite" at any moment in time.
Can we get a close up on this one?
Ah, much better. Little princess has both of us wrapped real tight around her perfect little finger.
This would be "quality time" in action. No emphasis needed on action.
And this was what it was all about. A Christmas miracle- a good picture of everyone. Although, I think full bellies had something to do with that.


Mary L. said...

Yay! Lisa had an amazing December, took pictures, and posted them on her blog!!!! Here's to many more posts in 2013 :). Love, Mom