Thursday, December 12, 2013

22 (24) Weeks

Technically, I am 24 weeks today. This picture is from Thanksgiving 2013- when I was 22 weeks. Some things about my boy:

o He is funny- really funny! I was out shopping one day, and walked my a mirror- MISTAKE! I noticed how huge I was, and tried to zip up my vest to cover it up. So, in addition to looking like a busted can of biscuits, I was uncomfortable. I unzipped my vest, and immediately, he kicked me. Like a big ol' kick! He sure showed me.
o I'm still sick. Not as bad as before, and I have a system that seems to be working for us. I'm just taking pleasure in the fact that he is in the right place, doing the right thing.
o He is getting really active! Especially at night, when I'm winding down for bed. Christian got to feel a few really good kicks, too.
o Little boy is getting showered with sweet gifts and presents. He/I will want for nothing. Lots of gear, clothes, diapers, and he got his first handmade blanket the other day from his great grandma. It really is the most fun thing to be able to see those that you love, love your baby.
o My parents/brothers were in town this past weekend for Christians graduation (YAY!!). My Mom got to feel a few good kicks, as well. Baby boy was spoiled even more, and so was Mommy (me).
o Baby boy and I had a little scare the other day- nothing major, and in retrospect, not that big of a deal. But anything out of the ordinary has potential to really freak me out, and this was no different. It was perfect timing, though- my Mom was here to stay up all night to monitor some stuff, and to filter internet info for me. As well as wake up super early the next morning to go into the lab. It was one of those moments where I would have though- I want my Mom! And she was here!!
o Christian sure loves his boy. He has been so sweet to us, and makes sure we are always comfortable. Oh, he loves his wife, too. :)

That's about where we stand. 24 weeks, and settling in for the long winter.