Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Not to Be confused with HSM (High School Musical, which I LOVE)

I was blog-hopping today, and ran across this. I found it incredible validating and true.
Please, do not be offended.

I had a conversation with a friend today about what I will deem "hot mom syndrome" or "HMS"Maybe it is my five years living in UTAH, (aka capital of all things hot mom) but I am starting to feel an unseen pressure to be a "HM." Problem is, I don't even have children. *Disclaimer - if you are offended, I'm sorry.*

Now we all know what a "HM" consists of. Bleach blonde hair or possibly jet black - bonus points for extensions. Incredibly fake (but "hot") tan. Synthetic breasts. Ceramic nails. Thin body courtesy of the 3+ hours a day of exercise combined with the "Don't eat" diet. Perfectly arranged and in fashion outfits topped off with the wedge heels and plethora of silver jewelry. Full out Mac makeup job on a daily basis. Driving around in a black SUV complete with 3 children, under 3, all in car seats.

I'm curious as to if anyone else is starting to feel like this the NORM. Don't get me wrong, I fully endorse not "letting yourself go" post-child, but it is odd to me how it is almost standard in a lot of our community cultures. In addition, as appealing a goal as it sometimes seems to me - I honestly don't comprehend how any woman (even WITHOUT 3 kids) can ever keep it up. It is a burden even NOW for me to put on makeup daily. And hair? Ya, I never do that. Not to mention HOW DO THEY AFFORD IT? Much less find the time to keep it up.

It takes a lot of work/dough to be able to keep up that bleach and that tan.

I'm just curious as to if anyone else has noticed this phenomenon. Is it limited to the Utah/Arizona/California areas? Is it related to the LDS culture? Do you know someone like this? How do they do it? Do you want to be a self titled "hot mom"?

Just curious.
Oh and if anyone is wondering, I fully plan to wear seasonal sweatshirts and gain 20 lbs post-3rd child.

PS My mom is beautiful.


Morgan Werner said...

OH MY GOSH. I don't have any kids but I TOTALLY feel the pressure. I keep telling myself that I'm going to be hotter for Brett and be a hot wife that other men will covet, but then in the morning I stay in bed and sleep for an extra hour instead of spending that time on "myself." It really is rediculous, those hot Utah moms. They really ruin it for the rest of us. I don't know how they do it.