Monday, June 2, 2008

This is the Start of Something Good!

One thing about living in Utah is the lack of friends/ family. I mean, I haven't even seen Sex and the City yet. And its been out for 3 DAYS!! I refuse to go by myself. And I can't seem to drag Christian to go see the tribute to all things girly and pink. You'd think he would want to see all of those fabulous clothes and pink cosmos, but it just ain't gunna happen.
So imagine my joy when i stroll into work this morning and see that my BEST BEST BEST BEST girlfriend from California has planned an extended weekend stay in OUR BASEMENT (yay for 2 bedroom apartments!). I almost died. I am thrilled, as you can probably tell by the sheer number of BIG LETTERS int his post. And she is going to be here over the 4th or July, which is a huge culture shock for me over here. I am not used to the minute by minute packed excitement for the day. Give me a BBQ and some poppers and I'm feeling patriotic. Her bargaining point was that I am not required to run (HAHA who are we kidding, walk) a 5K in the morning. Fair enough. They are our all time favorite couple. Its totally worth it. Plus, then I get bragging rights.
I am so grateful for the sacrifice they are making to come out here. We all know gas isn't a joke these days. It'll kill ya. And she is going to be spending her 22nd Birthday here. Come on, ice cream cake!!! I am already getting a stash of fun gifts for her, and have been for months. It will be the fiesta to end all fiestaaas!!!

The countdown has begun... 1 MONTH AWAY!!!