Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well, here I sit, in Provo, on the eve before the eve of my departure. I have been babysitting my most wonderful nephew, who, by the way, is the most perfect thing on the face of this earth. Seriously.
I have been "single" again this past week, (meaning Christian has been in Logan, and I am currently flying solo) and I have realized a bit about myself. I stress. I worry. I let little things get to me. I feel like this past few days has been one chaotic event, extending over 62 hours. I need to clean our apartment, get my hair cut, shower, return things at Target, go to work, shower, drop off things to a friends house, get Christian his wallet, and SHOWER. To name a few. As I was running errands for work, Christian happened to call me. I was nicely exclaiming things that needed to be done, and how over whelmed I was; he was just nicely listening, and just saying, "I love you." And I thought of something. He keeps me balanced. He keeps me leveled. And I do the same for him. He registers for classes now. He shows up to places on time (mostly). He calls when he is going to be late. I stop and admire sunflowers, even when I need to be doing other things. I am more patient with people.
There is my sappy "I miss my husband, and can't wait to be with him again" post.


Hannah Schott said...

Yes, your nephew IS perfect. And has 2 teeth (fyi) we found the second one today. Anyway, I hope everything is going well in Logan! When are you two back together?
best of luck,
Your favorite first SIL