Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Hello again to my ever watchful, ever interested blog-readers. Thats right, Im talking to you... uh... whoever you are. Welcome to my venting corner. I would like to tell you all a tale of horror and devastation. Also known as, September 30, 2008.

The day starts to a pretty good start. My daily toaster studel and hug and kiss from my man. Work was busy, pretty eventful, which is always a shock. Nothing we couldn't totally handle. Managed to finish the season premeire of the office, which fully lived up to its own hype. Thank you, Jim and Pam. And many congrats sent your way.

As some of you may be aware of, I have a rather difficult time growing out my hair. I find the immediate gratification of a new, short do more satisfying than the ever monotonous growing out process. So, the fact that I have been growing out my hair for the past 6 months has been quite a feat. One that I have had to overcome myself in the porcess of, on a daily basis. I was ready for a new updated style, but one that I didn't have to loose any length with. I made an appt. with a salon in the Logan area, and, needless to say, have really been looking forward to it. Well, It was for 5:00pm on September 30, 2008. I get off work, and scoot my anxious little bum over there. I was so excited. A much deserved bang trim. Snip snip. She flips me around, and holy moly. I almost cried. Think bangs, circa 1994. Horrible, straight across, awful bangs. I am almost throwing up as I am writing this. My reaction was this "Well, I have been pinning them back for 6 months, whats another 6 months?" Horrible, awful, devastation. I have not had a good hair cut in about 2 years. The only girl I have really liked, well, she moved to AZ. Its was all i could do not to break down in tears right then and there. I got in the car, and cried. I was then on my way to pick up Christians contacts at Standard Optical. Their hours are 9-7pm. Except yesterday. They closed at 4pm, yesterday. Well, thank heavens for that. I would have hated to have heard soem good news for a change. Heaven forbid.

I then proceed to go home, lock myself in the bathroom, cry, eat dinner, cheer up upon reading a lovely blog post my dear husband wrote, then go to bed and cry some more. Over reaction? Perhaps. either way, I am taking myself shopping for headbands and hats, am glad that winter is coming up, and I can live in a beanie for the next 6 months till my hair grows out yet again, and am ever grateful for a husband who loves me despite over reactions and shopping sprees for hats and hairbands.

P.S. Nina- if you read this... any good places that you know of to get cute hair stuff? At this point I am desperate.