Friday, October 24, 2008

And these are some of MY favorite things!

Well, its a lovely, crisp fall friday, and I am stuck in my lowely little cubbie here at work. Not that i don't love it, and all of the blessings we reap from my job (ie wages). However, the season is a little slow, so I had the idea that you all may like to see what I have been enjoying these past few weeks, months, here in Logan, Utah. Please, allow me...

Ah, the lovely ladies of Lipstick Jungle. I have been bored with Greys Anatomy lately,what with all the unecessary drama of the show that just seems to linger and never be cleared up. This drama, though, keeps me coming back.

Here I present my new hobby, of sorts. Yes, knitting. Please excuse the lack of quality in this picture. It is taken from the camera on my lovely, trusty, free cell phone. And realise that that scarf has already doubled, if not tripled in size. And the picture was taken less than two days ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And, no, I have not aged overnight. Just got a little bored, and remembered that my lovely wonderful, fertile best friend taught me how 2 years ago. So I brought out the old needles and took another stab at it. Pun intended.

And here is the little man, himself. My nephew. He is almost 9months old, and is the most precious thing that this earth has ever seen. Seriously. Never in my life have i felt so much love from one little person. And to thing, we moved ourselves 135 miles from him. How stupid can we be??? I can't wait to see him again, and almost daily find myself looking at his pictures, yet again. Many thanks to his wonderful mother for keeping us updated on his growing. WE MISS HIM!!!!

My daily dose of hot chocolate. Every morning, Christian sends me out the door for work with a warm toaster strudel, leancuisine, and a warm thermos of hot chocolate. Seriously. Funny thing is, I have never really been a huge fan of hot chocolate. I have always liked it, dont get me wrong. I just dont CRAVE it ever. But since this little tradition has been going on, I find myself looking forward to it, everyday. Mostly because Christian makes it for me. The one day I made it for myself, I didnt even touch it. :)

And, last but not least, socks. I have recently aquired all sorts of fun socks, and boy am I glad I did! Much like my beautiful mother, my feet are ALWAYS freezing. Seriously. We have a heated matress pad, a heated blanket, a space heater, and I am still cold all night long. Weird, I know. But during the day is when its the worst. I cant very well be walking around town with a heated mattress pad around me. Although, weirder things have been seen around Logan. So I throw on a cute pair of spiffy, fun socks, put on a pair of flats, and pretend that its normal. I am not willing to give up my quality of life for a cute pair of shoes to be work how they are supposed to. I am all about altering to fit your nees :)

Anyways, there is my life, however material and goofy it may sound. In other update news, my wonderful best friend, who is really the most kind, genuine, loud, and caring individual that you will meet, is pregnant. WAHOO!!!! I am loving having all of these babies around so that I can get my fill that way without feeling the need for one of my own. I have already gotten loads of fun stuff for bother her and the unnamed, ungendered child. I know that some of it will not be used, but being 700 miles away makes it a little hard to actually BE there. So I am doing all I can for the time being. Buying cute baby stuff. I cant wait for Thanksgiving though. I get to see her and the lovely little belly! Many pictures to follow of that joyous reunion!!


Mary L. said...

I love both of you with all my heart! Love, Mom

P.S. the "word Verification" I had to type to post this is "dorkbemb". Great word, I wonder what it means. I must be good, 'cause the root word is "dork". Now I just have to google search the suffix "bemb". Any ideas?? :)