Monday, December 29, 2008

Change With the Times

How do I best accomplish this? So much has been happening, so much going on. Where do I even begin? Maybe i'll try a timeline of events...
*** We struggle taking pictures. We have a few, but I havent had a chance to get them online. Or, better said, I havent had a chance to get Christian to put them online. Bear with me here.

November 1st-ish- Lisa is laid off from job. Boo hoo hoo hoo.

A few days later- Lisa finds a new job. :) (Better job, even. I'm loving it so far.)

Nov. 21st-ish- Christian finishes finals. YAY!

Thanksgiving- Spent in wonderful, sunny California, having a par-tay with my fam. Some of the highlights:
Kimi and Co. (there are three of them now!!)
Sees candy
Shopping with my mommie (lots and lots of shopping)
No snow
Seeing my Grandparents. They are so great.
lots of family
lots of love
mmmmmmmmmm.... just thinking about it... can I go back???
On Christians end...
He and Eric (my big brother) made a road trip to reno to buy blow guns. The remainder of the trip was spent trying to shoot birds, shooting eachother, and enjoying the fact that my parents are remodelling their house, so anything is free range to shoot with a dart. If he wants to expand of the story, he can.

okay, moving on...
Dec. 1- Lisa starts new job.

Dec. 5-Lisa gets a new gym membership, and loves it.

I am feeling a bit selfish, its all stuff about me. I promise that Christian is included in all of these festivities. he just needs to get on the ball and do a little blog-updating on his own.

Dec. 12- Christmas Party with Christians family at Temple Square. We had a nice time, and the program was beautiful.

The weekend of the 12th was spent in Salt Lake/ Provo. I got to hang out with my nephew. I love him more than I ever thought I would/could. Any spare minute that I have I try to spend with him.

Dec 24th- We head down to Salt Lake again to spend Christmas with Christians family. We had a really fun Christmas Eve, eating, laughing, and enjoying the season. Next day was Christmas, spent opening presents, then we (Christian and I) headed down to Provo to hang out with Michael and Co. Please refer to Hannah's blog for the photo shoot of the day. She does such a better job at this whole blogging thing than I do!! Eric and Hannah had a feast fit for a king. I think I gainned like, 5 lbs., just inhaling all of the food. It was delicious. Plus, its just so fun for me to be down there. Christmas or not, I love spending time with them. We opened up presents, than Christian and I had to head out for the Christmas party at his Grandma Barrett's house. It was really fun seeing all of the cousins, and, once again, eating all of the food that can be had. I am so sad that elastic waistbands are out of style. Day after Christmas Christian went hiking with his Dad and his brother. While they were out braving the wild west, I enjoyed the comapny of Michael. I love that kid. The 5 of us then spent the evening at Temple Square, testing Eric and Hannah's fancy new Camera. Again, please refer to Hannah's blog. Sunday, we went to the blessing of Christian's friends baby. They did a really nice job, lots of fun to see a little baby again. Sunday eveining, we headed back.

Now its Monday.

Happy New Years!!


Mary L. said...

Nov. 21ish.. Christian finished finals??? I thought that was in December sometime. I'm sure it's all a bbbllllllluuuuuuurrrrr. Love you, busy girlie girl! Mommie!

Lisa said...

I know, he pointed that out to me, too. I think its like Dec. 12. It really was all a blur. Love you too!