Monday, January 19, 2009

The Aftermath of a Wild Weekend

Here I sit, on MLK Jr. day, enjoying a little late afternoon (whoops, evening) TV, spending qualty time with the most wonderful, loving, errand-running husband. I'd like to say that this spontanious quality time was intentional, but no such luck. Let me start at the beginning...

Friday evening, Christian and I headed down to Provo, to go spend the weekend with my brother, sister in law, NEPHEW, and MOM! It was such a fun weekend. I love to see my mom and nephew together. They are just so happy. We have a few pictures, but they are on my SIL's camera. I will wait for her to upload them onto her blog, and I will snatch them from there. Anyways, it was the perfect weekend. I was so ready for a weekend of complete selfishness and family.

Sunday night rolls around, and we head back up to Logan. I start to feel yucky, but assume that it is just something trying to digest. Once I got home, it was followed by hours of throwing up, enjoying all of the symptoms of the flu. Yuck. I seem to get it every year. Last year, I got it twice!! Lets hope I dont this year. Christian has been stellar. Enjoying a marathon of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Gilmore Girls, and Live with Regis and Kelly, with random interruptions with him running to the store. I have had a steady flow of Ginger Ale, saltine crackers, heated blankets, and anything else I may hint to.

I think I am on the mend, lets hope so at least, I need to go to work tomorrow. Although, would one more day of spontanious quality time with my hubby REALLY be that bad??


Mary L. said...

I hope you two are all better!!! It's no fun being sick. :(. Love you both, Mommieeeee