Thursday, March 24, 2011

Urban Chic

Ah, the life of a working girl. I was recently blessed with the most BOMB job ever, for so many reasons! I am working as the receptionist for an environmental consulting firm. So many amazing people, doing amazing things. I get to wear jeans (AH-MAZING!). The do in house catering all the time, I'm never hungry. Take today... breakfast AND lunch. Oh, did I mention the gym? Yep, free gym access on the 1st floor. I have a great friend who I work with, she rocks. It's downtown, which I LOVE! So urban, ya know? ;)

Anyhow, welcome to my humble abode for 40 hours a week.
This is where I sit. Awesome, right? Off to the left, you see my smoothie made my my most loving husband for me this AM, next to my water bottle (the water bottle is awesome free schwag from my awesome job). Then there is my sweet dual screen monitors, proudly displaying the cuteness of Amy. And then the PHONE. My job security. That and my charming personality. Such a winning combination. :)

This is what everyone gets to see when they walk in. Envision ME in that chair. The candy jar is off to the left. Yep, I bribe my coworkers to be my friends with candy. Don't judge me. I'm a newbie.

Hope you loved the tour!


Barb said...

Super nice! I love dual monitors - my favorite! p.s. I don't remember ever receiving any candy for being your friend...I need a bribe. =)

Anonymous said...

You rock!! I'm so glad you love your job, because we love you!
Oh yeah .. and you should check out my super wicked gardening blog. Oh yeah.
~linda (future Subaru owner)

Nic said...

Cute work space. I noticed the clorox wipes underneath... but thats just like me to.
I added you to my blog list, hope you don't mind.

damian-kallie said...

Your desk would be nicer if you had a nice framed photo of your fav person...ME!Just saying..