Thursday, March 17, 2011


Maybe I'll come out of hibernation to say this, and only this. I love my niece. Exibit A:

Amy is the ultimate cuddle bug, and the best snuggler EVER. When i was out in Maryland for a week, I fell desperately in love with this little princess. I got this little gem on my phone last night, and it physically took my breath away. And since it's MY blog, you get to see it too. Lucky dog.

Maybe if Christian and I decide to document all of the exciting life changes that have been happening, I'll post about those too. Let's face it, though. Amy and Co. is where it's at.

So, on that note, goodbye my lovelies. Enjoy your St. Patty's Day!


Hannah Schott said...

She is so cute!!! She misses her Aunt Lisa, that's for sure. She'll just have to be patient until we see you again. :)

Hannah Schott said...



Barb said...

You posted! Shocking. She is super cute. And I think you should document your life since I am not around to hear about it...document! That was a command. =)

Nic said...

hah! Gotcha first!