Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's Been Awhile...

In my defense, summer has FINALLY hit the 801. Therefore, I have been spending way more time outdoors than indoors, so my blogging productivity have decreased. Love me anyways?

In an effort to play catch-up, here is some proof that we have the MOST stellar nephew and niece in the world. Try as you may, you won't find better kids anywhere. I fell even deeper in love with them while we were out there, to the point where my heart physically aches for them as I type this. Yep, I've always been this much of a drama queen. I hear it's one of my better qualities.

These guys went camping. I think this may have been the highlight of Christian's trip, if not his entire life. He lives for things like father-son camp outs. Especially with a kid as awesome as Michael. The played, got dirty, ate junk food, stayed up all night, and arose with the sun. Meanwhile, Hannah, Amy and I went shopping, out to dinner, and painted our toenails while watching Modern Family. Success? I'd say so.

Seriously?? This kid is the He has the most spunky little 'tude, and is the best big brother Amy could ever ask for. And, smart as a whip, I tell you. Just ask the Angry Birds and Monkey games on your cell phone. Plus? He's pretty easy on the eyes.

This one?

She WILL melt your heart. You don't stand a chance. She is the prettiest little girl, with the most loving, sweet smile. And the best is when you get her up from a nap. It almost seems like her face will break, she smiles so big. And she gives you the biggest hug, as though she is saying "THANK YOU! You saved me! I am so happy it's you! I was hoping you would be the one to come and get me! You're my very favorite Auntie, ever. And the prettiest. I want to be just like you." Okay, maybe my imagination went off a bit with that last part. Minor details. Amy sleeps like a dream, is a crawling machine, eats like a rockstar, and we didn't hear her cry 1 one time while we were out there. Includes when she was tired, hungry, whatever.

I like to think she loves me, too.

Seriously? I wish there was a word more meaningful that Love. Because that's how I feel about them. I'm a little scared that when I have my own children, I won't love them like I love these 2 rug rats.

And these 2 became the best of friends. Christian was in heaven playing with Michael. He still cannot get over how much FUN he is!

They both had smiles this big. Christan brought out his slackline so that Michael could play, and play he did! I think every other phrase out of Michael's mouth was "Oh, Michael's turn!" or "My Turn!" All of my favorite people, playing outside, laughing our heads off, on a perfect summer night? I had to pinch myself, it was just so perfect.

The kid is all BOY!

Sadly, there aren't as many pictures with Amy. Reason being is that I was too busy cuddling her, kissing her, and smooching her little cheeks (yep, all 4 of them!) to worry about pictures. I had to soak up all of the precious Amy time I could get. Something about that girlie girl just makes you feel like you could hang the moon.

There you have it. The photo documentation of our favorite people. The trip was a dream. More NYC pics to come. I'll be honest, Eric, Hannah, Michael, and Amy were the highlight, though.


Kimi said...

You absolutely look like you were in heaven! They are so lucky to have such a stellar Aunt.

Mary L. said...

Just another week and I'm all over those two!

Hannah Schott said...

You are an amazing aunt!! Michael wants you to know you're a Goober, Lisa! And Christian is a boy. Amy wants you to know your kisses were well planted. Miss you and can't wait to see you!

Dorothy Lambeth said...

Looks like you really really had a good time. I'm glad--------

Katie and Jake said... it looks as if you two are very comfortable and cozy with get on that!!! LOL! I miss you!!!!

Chelsea said...

I totally love this blog!! And don't worry Lisa, as much as you love these kids you'll love yours even more because they're yours! My aunts always say their Love grows to a new level they didn't even know they had until their kids were born! It'll be an awesome expereince when you have little Niederhauser rugrats running around to call your own!