Wednesday, May 4, 2011

He's cute.

This is us on our Friday night date. The husb. asked me out for a picnic... sadly Utah-friggin-weather had other plans for us. So we went to eat at the most lovely of all dive diners, followed by a movie. Water for Elephants. My expert opinion? Don't go if you want a feel good movie. 2 hours of depressing, with the last 5 minutes being uplifting. So you leave happy, BUT you just spent 2 hours being depressed! The lovely gem above was post movie. Also post eyebrow wax, so don't judge.

My east-coast-happyplace trip is on the horizon. Meaning, that if I check the 10 day forecast, there is a better chance that the prediction is correct. Neat, huh!! I think about going out there alldaylong. Michael and His Goober-face, Amy and Her Cute-ness. Yep, that is their official titles. Don't be jealous. Only Aunt Lisa can give such honors.

I am oddly thrilled to be gone for so long, and come back to my google reader all filled up with blog posts to read. I usually check compulsively, never knowing which blog will be telling me what the summer-must-haves are. I have GOT to be up-to-date on these things. My eternal salvation is on the line. Heavenly Father won't be letting any ill dressed girlies in.


Barb said...

You guys are both cute! I can't believe your trip is so soon! We have to get together when you're back...whenever that is. Maybe I should text you...=)

Melissa said...

Just checkin' the blog and what do I find, a super cheesy, cute as ever pic of W. Christian and Lisa M.!!
Hope you take a lot of these on your trip, have so much fun and take a few pics of those fabulous fashions of
A McQueen!
Moon and Back guys :)