Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lucky #24!

Today happens to be November 12, 2008. A date which I have been gearing up for for quite awhile. My handsome, loving, wonderful husband has turned 24. YAY!! So, in honor for this momentous occasion, here are 24 reasons I love the man.

1. He whistles while he works.

2. The way his eyes smile when he is really happy.

3. His constant search to share more natural high moments with me.

4. His love for blogging :)

5. He listens to coutry music when I am in the car, just to make me happy.

6. He let everyone believe that it was HIM who drove the car into the garage with the bike in top, just because I was embarassed.

7.He is just as excited to see my family for Thanksgiving as I am!!

8. He daydreams about our life together as parents.

9. He has given up his crush on Jennifer Aniston for me.

10. All he ever wants for his birthday from me is a heart shaped cake that is made from a box.

11. He thinks sweats are the best outfit for me.

12. I have never heard him raise his voice at anyone. Not me, not his family, not the dog. Never.

13. He has a great appreciation for nature, and for that joy that comes for free.

14. He has the patience to answer all of my crazy, nutty gospel questions.

15. He understands that sometimes, girls just need a wardrobe update.

16. He says he loves taco salad, which happens to be the only thing I know how to cook. If that even counts as cooking.

17. Christian understands that sometimes, I just need to see my family, especially my nephew.

18. Life has a way of spinning out of control on me, and he is the only thing that can even it all out.

19. He understands that sometimes, weather its a bad haircut, or friends being mean to me, I just need a good cry.

20. He is always laughing at me. Makes it easier for me to laugh at myself.

21. His mission had a huge impact on who he is today, almost more than anything else.

22. He's fun to hang out with.

23. He is a good driver in the snow.

24. He is my very best friend.


Allie said...

Lisa! I'm sooo glad you've found such an amazing guy. You guys are the cutest. How's your job? Let me know if you ever come back down here so I can see your pretty face! Love you girl!