Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Happenings

Christian and I have become American Idol fanatics. Something about Jenny from the Block mixing with Steven Tyler makes my heart beat just a little faster. Our favorite? This guy...

Seeing as America disagreed with me this week, and the stud of a mad above was kicked off, I'm not sure if we will be watching this week. Paul had all the p-zazz. Well, and Scotty. But he holds the mike like a chicken wing, and I'm not diggin that.

In other news, the countdown to MY Happiest Place on Earth has begun. I hate Disneyland, so don't fool yourselves... we are going to Maryland to visit my family out there! I am so darn excited. We are spending some time with them, and then Christian and I are going to have a little adventure of our own in the Big Apple. We don't have a whole lot planned to do out there as of right now, so any suggestions would be fab.

My no spending policy kind of went out the window... I nabbed these bad boys.

BUT... my justification is... they are FOR my east coast trip! i needed some good walking shoes, what with all of the walking we will be doing!

Also, I bought these:

for $9.99. Yep. Only $200 LESS that what they retail for. I couldn't say no. Thank you, Savers.

So that has been my life lately. America Idol heartbreaks, online shopping, working, and watching Christian study. Wow. The fun just never stops.


Kimi said...

I have a friend who has those shoes in gray and she says they are super comfortable. She's worn them all day at work and been great afterwards. Certainly justified for NY!

Jillian said...

I love reading your is always so witty and cute.

Mary L. said...

Don't forget to bring some socks to go with the shoes :)