Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Fococcia Bread,

You ruined my resolution to eat healthy today. I was really going to do it today, too. I Went to the store, bought healthy things, did so great this AM. I was all grapes and hydration. I brought steamed broccoli for lunch. Enter the office catering. Darn you, free fococcia bread. Darn you to heck. (I know, I'm such a rebel with my cursing and such).

In other news, the countdown to My Happiest Place On Earth is growing smaller. One week from tomorrow!!! EEEeeEEE! And, all you avid readers, (Hi Mom!) there is going to be an Alexander McQueen exhibit at the MET while we are there (I just had to change I to we. Still adjusting to married life, I see). Oh, and there is the ever expanding list of things I HAVE to buy while I'm (WE) out there. Maybe I'm taking an extra empty suitcase out there with me, for the sole purpose of bringing it back full. :) Expect full facebook play by plays.

I feel like this entire blog post is a waste, due to my lack of pictures. In my defense, the camera on my phone is lame. Apparently I don't have enough memory for pictures on my phone. Whatev. Is anyone still reading this? Oh, comments... please be there when I check back for you. Really, this is my only highlight until next week. Christian has been studying all week. I saw him yesterday for 45 min... that included driving time. Oh, finals. We have a love/hate relationship.


Hannah Schott said...

we love bread too!
Hannah & cute kids

Nic said...

Still reading, definitly no picture is needed to blog... Love checking in with you, keep it up!

Kati said...

Lol you're funny.

Dorothy Lambeth said...

I'd be excited too !!

damian-kallie said...

my comment is devoted to one word...JEALOUS! We need to get together asap young lady!