Monday, April 11, 2011

My Treasure is Your Treasure

Once a year comes with a minor panic attach from choosing the BEST, most WONDERFUL Mothers Day gift for the BEST most WONDERFUL Mother. Some years, she makes it really nice, and sends my brother and I a link saying "This is what I want. Buy this, and I will be happy." Makes for a really easy gift, but the lack of surprise kills me. I LOVE getting a great gift, that I had NO idea what it was. And, my mom and I are a lot a like.

Anyhow... I found it. This year, I found the PERFECT gift for. NO, I am not going to post it on here (yet) because I know Mommie Dearest stalks my blog, and it would ruin the whole surprise. I just want to do some totally shameless marketing for Christian's most awesome Aunt. She made said "gift". And I don't even think I am doing it justice by saying it is "cute". It is DARLING. Anyways, in case there is anyone looking for the perfect gift for their perfect Mom... look no further.

Her name is Teri, and her email is Or you can comment, and I will send you a picture of the gift (unless you're my Mom) and you will see how great it is.

Plus, she is a super fun gal. And I love her. And so will you. :)

Happy Monday!


Kimi said...

I want to see!

Nic said...

Happy Monday to you too!! I love reading your blog, so please don't stop... it's nice to see what goes on inside your head, you know since we are so much alike :).
Hey, wondering if you have noticed your title on my blog reel, and if you had, why you hadn't commented yet, is it because you are a crazy cat lady, or is it because you want it changed?

Mary L. said...

Okay, so it something with beads...... probably something of the jewelry nature.... probably some beaded jewelry :). or maybe it's jewelry with beads on it... wow, it could be anything! <3

BTW, the word verification I got was "holiness"... I'm just sayin' ... Well, actually it's "holeness", but that's pretty close to "holiness", don't ya think?

Melissa said...

You are so right the gift is too cute for words! And Teri does have great talent!! While your on the Mother's Day track don't forget all I want is a scrapbook page, the last ones were awesome!! Can't wait to add them to my book!!!